All these years, Haradeco has focused on creating beautiful wall cladding for interior spaces. However, in the last few months, we have received feedback from customers regarding panel variants for exterior use. They demanded that the beauty of wall cladding be displayed outdoors as well. This is a challenge for us, and we are excited to respond by developing wall cladding that is not only visually appealing but also more weather resistant because it will be exposed outside. The first item in our exterior collection is STREAM which features the original texture of split wood, inspired by a beautiful river flowing in the desert.



  • The choice of material fell on teak wood, which is known to be hard and has the ability to withstand all types of weather. It is one of the few woods in the world to contain a natural oil that repels water, keeping it from warping, cracking, or becoming brittle. It will naturally age into an elegant gray patina over time. 

  • Water-based, solvent-resistant and formaldehyde-free adhesive is used to assemble each component into one complete panel.

  • The Z-shape and the 49.5 x 18 x 2 cm measurements is an ideal combination that simplifies installation.

  • STREAM comes with three different construction designs to give it a more random appearance, all of which are contained in a single box of 12 pieces.