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Improve the aesthetics of your home while also adding a sense of natural warmth and beauty. It is a lovely blend of traditional and modern styles, making it fit any home decor.

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Our Product

Haradeco offers wall cladding in a wide range of materials, finishes and constructions, allowing you to freely select and adapt them to the style of your spaces. Our cladding materials include new Teak, Trembesi wood, and combinations of recycled hardwoods. Finishing colors range from natural, plain colors to vintage, rustic-themed colors. We always utilize water-based materials, which are safe for you and your family.

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Who we are

CV. Haradeco is one of the pioneers of wood cladding manufacturing and wholesaling in Central Java – Indonesia. Currently we have approximately 100 employees and 5500 m2 facilities consist of office, showroom, warehouses and production building.

Haradeco manufactures and supplies handcrafted wall cladding made of 100% local resources. By employing thorough quality control on each and every piece of cladding, Haradeco consistently preserves consumer trust and quality. We continually improve our products in order to keep up with market demands. We grow our network and form partnerships with well-known chain stores around the world to ensure that our items reach consumers worldwide.

Our Core Values


We act responsibly for the benefit of our company while also considering the impact our work has on society and the environment.


We are committed to providing the highest quality product through continuous improvement and excellent customer service.


We ensure timely and effective product delivery along with additional follow-up and support, also constantly manage the relationship with our customers.


We value our customers, understanding and listening to their needs, treating them with dignity and respect, and helping out in the best way.